Quorning Boats Dragonfly 32 - SailingQuorning Boats Dragonfly 32 - Cabin

The DF 32 was launched in June 2012 - it has been thoroughly tested over the summer by Quorning Boats as well as by major international boat magazines and DF 32 is thus now fully ready for production.

The Dragonfly 32 - Dynamic Design

The Dragonfly 32 comes in a new modern and dynamic design that is going to set new standards in both function and design. The 3D design – combined with a new 7-axis CNC-milling machine process – providing new possibilities.

Quorning Boats take great pleasure in introducing the Dragonfly 32' which is going to fill the gap between the Dragonfly 28 and Dragonfly 35. This boat is more like a scaled down Dragonfly 35 though, as the Dragonfly 32 is not trailable like the Dragonfly 28.

The boat has a nice big cockpit, which offers space enough for the whole crew. All halyards and lines are led to the cockpit for easy and safe handling – perfect also for shorthanded sailing.

The floats are designed even bigger – compared to our previous design – which makes the boat more powerful and fast. It is undoubtedly the fastest boat in our fleet.




The Dragonfly 32 offers fun and safe family sailing – and, has potential for serious racing and safe fast sailing at the same time.

Like the other Dragonfly models, the Dragonfly 32 appears in two versions – one with a shorter rig “Touring” and one in a more powerful version “Supreme” with a taller rig. The Dragonfly 32 is offered standard with a 25 Hp outboard – optional is a 2-cylinder inboard diesel or electric drive. As standard, the boat is equipped with a tiller, but the cockpit has been designed and developed for wheel steering as well.

The boat offers full standing headroom of 1.93 m in the main cabin – 1.87 m in the toilet section.